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Check out the lastest golf tips and news. Mike also partners with Brian Mazey, GCS, Rutgers University/Cook College for some course managment highlights.

Small Changes Score Better

Small changes will help you score better when playing in all kinds of elements we find, as we play the course.  The picture is just one way as you take a good look how teeing your ball will effect a golf shot in the wind.  Anytime you get a chance to tee the ball, (teeing ground only), it should be…

Little Leaguer’s Golf Instructions

Little Leaguer’s Golf Instructions Private lessons in the afternoon, before and after your swim, baseball, or football practice. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. All sessions are 45 minutes. Linfield National GC or Valley View in Newton Square. $45.00 ea. lesson or book a series of three for $120.00. To register, please complete the form on the website and I will be in…

Teaching Aids

Many of us need a little help with our practice sessions.  Having a golf professional look at your swing is always the way to go.  After a lesson we stress good practice not just hitting as many balls as possible.  What we can do is use a teaching aid between our lessons that help us work on the professionals analysis. …
Gift Certificate Golf Havertown PA

Gift Certificates Available

Playing lessons in spring and indoor tune-ups this winter. You will receive your certificates before Christmas. Contact Mike Sulpizio and I’ll suggest your best plan.  What more do you want in your stocking! Contact me now to order a gift certificate.
December 14, 2021

Ladies Night

Ladies Night - League and Clinics on Thursdays. Every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. starting Decemeber 9, 2021. Play 9 holes on a new course each week. Each week starts with a 30-45 minute lesson from a teaching professional. Cost: $45/per night. Covers clinic, golf and drink of choice. Sign up at the Linfield Pro Shop or email…
December 6, 2021

Stop The Putting Yips

I hear a common problem with putting, how can I fix the yips.  Yips are part of a deceleration through the hitting area which can be fixed by the length of you backswing or the straightening of your lead knee at the hitting point.  You must shorten your backswing but in the process hit some puts and look at your…
November 1, 2021
Mike Sulpizio Golf - Havertown, PA

The Quick Fix

One lesson, one thought and your on your way to better golf. Ben Hogan once said he hit one shot the way he wanted during an 18-hole round. We will not be able to hit that one shot but if we can take one side of the hole out of play and use your ball flight, your scores will be…
September 15, 2021

BigSlice to Power-Fade

Your hand path is causing that pull slice. Open the face of the club slightly at address and swing to where the face of the club is aligned. This will allow you to change the path of your hands as your downswing works towards the right, (left) for the left hand player, of your target. Hands are less active at…
August 27, 2021
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