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From the moment I attended one of the 1st PGA of America Teaching and Coaching Summits, he was inspired to become a premier teacher, and learn from the many greats.

The summit was hosted by David Ledbetter, one of the most respected teachers in the world. This started my long career at The Torresdale – Frankford Country Club and the golf coach at Holy Family University.

I’ve had my chance to play around the country and many courses in Scotland. My playing experience has allowed me to create a simple approach to the game, which will enhance the play of both the high and low handicap player. Inside/Inside is the hallmark of the swing, which will create a “ hands down at impact “ move that applies the hit needed to find consistency in your swing. One take from my approach as stated by Homer Kelly, is that it will be hitting versus swinging and Right Arm participation. Most will say the left arm is active and the right arm passive, but we will find that the right might be as important and in some cases even more. Homer Kelly shot 77 the first time he played, not so well the 2nd time, but subsequently he devoted forty-four years to four-thousandths of a second. That is the impact interval in golf.

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